Sunday, February 20, 2011

I love a thrifty challenge

I love to challenge myself.  My favorite crafty challenges include- a no buying challenge AND an unfinished project challenge.  I started those with scrapbooking and decided to extend it to sewing!  I have WAY TOO MUCH fabric.  I'd say at least half of it is from the 90s!   So, my goal is a 15 sewing project "No buying challenge."  What are the rules?  Simply, I cannot buy any fabric (necessary notions are ok, BUT if I can use up what I have- even better!) for 15 projects- I must complete 15 projects and purge some of that stash.  3 of those projects have to be unfinished or planned projects already in my mind.   I am doing pretty good so far.    I will post what I've already completed at another time!

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