Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jumping in with 2 feet

Can you believe it's 2011 and I am JUST jumping into the blogosphere.  Well, I guess that's not totally true.  I did create a blog of a family vacation once a LONG time ago, but that blog ended with the one trip.  This time, I thought I'd blog about something I love- crafting.  I've dabbled in many a craft.  My first, as a little girl was the potholder loom!  I got it as a Christmas gift and LOVED that thing.  I made a TON of potholders and wished I could do more!  At another point as a girl, my mother gave me some of her scrap fabric from sewing projects, that with needle and thread, I made Barbie some really snazzy clothes! 

In Junior High, I did real well in home economics class and liked using the sewing machine.

Fast forward into my "working" teen years and I got my first job at SOFRO- our local fabric store and my first sewing machine!  Ok, my only sewing machine- I still have and use the same one!  What ever the latest craft was that sold at the store, I tried it- why not right?  I got a REALLY good employee discount.  I made a few log cabin quilts even. 

In college, I started in scrapbooking-- When I look back, I know how pathetic they were- pictures cut up with different quotes and things cut out of magazines, crayola markers,  all on those magnetic photo sleeves-ack!

Now I am passionate about scrapbooking and crafty sewing (DO NOT ask me to ever make clothes!  They end up pretty pathetic!).  That's me in a crafty little nutshell! 

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