Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Well folks, it's official.  I have made 15 projects without buying fabric and the verdict is it doesn't seem that my cabinets are any less full of fabric- but let me tell you, I have really cleansed out a ton of thread!  Do I dare up my challenge to 30?  I think I need to!  So the rules for the second half of the challenge are as follows:  Notions, interfacing, and thread may be purchased to complete a project (though if I can use what I already own, even better) AND I will allow for a few fabric purchases to complete other projects AS LONG AS, the project uses up at least a yard of fabric I already own AND the fabric to be purchased is on sale.  If this doesn't make a dent in my fabric, I don't know what will!

Here's my latest projects:
A variation on my cow bag- this one is bigger with a pretty flower!  The flower tutorial can be found right here!

I also made this bag.

2 more things mmade and not pictured are 1 gift for my dad and another purse- BUT something is wrong with my computer and my camera memory stick so who knows what's next!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I challenged myself to a "No-buying" challenge- Some may call it a "Fabric diet."  If you sew, a fabric diet is just as hard to do as the real diet- as I stay out of the bakery I must also stay out of the fabric store, less I be tempted!  So I challenged myself to make 15 projects- Here's what I've done so far:

1 purse for a friend (no picture taken- I know, how could I?)
1 camera wristlet strap inspired by this lovely artist .  Below is what mine looks like. 

 1 sweet purse for my niece.  I got the idea here. But I added a strap and made it a tad bigger. See:

Wanna see a little more of it?  I love the red stitching with the cow print and the inside of the bag was made  with left over curtain fabric from our nursery.

The next one I came up with a pattern/plan on my own and just went along with it!  It's my purse organizer.  I can change purses in a flash now!  I might even post a tutorial for it at some point!

My next attempt was a daunting one!  I wanted to make a scripture case, one that looks like a purse.  I came up with the pattern on my own.  The zipper took me 3 tries!  YIKES!  I took pictures of the steps, maybe this will be a tutorial as well some day!

Then I made one for each of my sons- the oldest's J. is out of denim, and somehow in hand-stitching the zipper on, it ended up all crooked, but it still works and he is so pleased with it.

Then my 3rd scripture case came out the best- of course NOW I know what I am doing but I am done.  This is for my little A.  He's so sweet and proud to have his own brand new Bible and case BUT he also needed to see if his pen worked- where else should he check- on his monogram A of course!  *sigh*

Today I made some prettiness for my kitchen out of my scraps from my kitchen curtains- 2 basket liners and a bag sausage!

 The basket liners were really BLAH before:

Other items not pictured are 2 scarves and a pair of mittens out of some random plaid flannel. 

SO if I have added right, I am done 11 (counting the 2 baskets as one and the 2 scarves as one) and just like any other diet of hard work I have done- It looks like I haven't made a dent in my fabric.  I might just up my challenge.  I'll decide that later- in the mean time, enjoy my pics!


Haven't been here in a while

So I haven't been on here in a while, but no one else has been waiting with baited breath for my posts either.  I don't have any followers yet, not even my mom or husband.  Come to think of it, I'm not sure my mother would know how to "follow" a blog- if she even knows what a blog is.  As a test, I made a banner.  I really don't have any idea what I am doing.  Maybe at some point I can take the time to learn how to use this bugger effectively, but for now- I'd rather go sew!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I love a thrifty challenge

I love to challenge myself.  My favorite crafty challenges include- a no buying challenge AND an unfinished project challenge.  I started those with scrapbooking and decided to extend it to sewing!  I have WAY TOO MUCH fabric.  I'd say at least half of it is from the 90s!   So, my goal is a 15 sewing project "No buying challenge."  What are the rules?  Simply, I cannot buy any fabric (necessary notions are ok, BUT if I can use up what I have- even better!) for 15 projects- I must complete 15 projects and purge some of that stash.  3 of those projects have to be unfinished or planned projects already in my mind.   I am doing pretty good so far.    I will post what I've already completed at another time!

Jumping in with 2 feet

Can you believe it's 2011 and I am JUST jumping into the blogosphere.  Well, I guess that's not totally true.  I did create a blog of a family vacation once a LONG time ago, but that blog ended with the one trip.  This time, I thought I'd blog about something I love- crafting.  I've dabbled in many a craft.  My first, as a little girl was the potholder loom!  I got it as a Christmas gift and LOVED that thing.  I made a TON of potholders and wished I could do more!  At another point as a girl, my mother gave me some of her scrap fabric from sewing projects, that with needle and thread, I made Barbie some really snazzy clothes! 

In Junior High, I did real well in home economics class and liked using the sewing machine.

Fast forward into my "working" teen years and I got my first job at SOFRO- our local fabric store and my first sewing machine!  Ok, my only sewing machine- I still have and use the same one!  What ever the latest craft was that sold at the store, I tried it- why not right?  I got a REALLY good employee discount.  I made a few log cabin quilts even. 

In college, I started in scrapbooking-- When I look back, I know how pathetic they were- pictures cut up with different quotes and things cut out of magazines, crayola markers,  all on those magnetic photo sleeves-ack!

Now I am passionate about scrapbooking and crafty sewing (DO NOT ask me to ever make clothes!  They end up pretty pathetic!).  That's me in a crafty little nutshell!